Black Widow Termite & Pest Control Corp.

Black Widow Termite and Pest Control Corp. was founded by Rita Bonamo in September of 2003.  Black Widow is a certified WBE (Women Business Enterprise) corporation, that is devoted to Integrated Pest Management, making the world a safer and greener place.  Since opening, Rita has acquired major accounts all over New York City, and services many commercial and residential accounts.

In 2007, Rita added bird exclusion, and rodent proofing programs to the list of Black Widow’s services.  Black Widow is licensed in 7A, 7B, 7C, 7F, and 5A.  Black Widow also has a certified NCWO (Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator) on staff.  Black Widow is authorized to perform wildlife control in all five boroughs in New York City, in addition to any other area in New York State.

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Rita Bonamo-Geiger, President

rita old water system burrowopening old bait stationRita has served the pest control industry since 1995, and has owned and operated Black Widow since 2003.  Rita feels very strongly about Integrated Pest Management and firmly believes in being proactive rather than reactive.  She takes the time to educate her clients, helping them help themselves through preventative procedures and implementing sanitation and construction programs.  Rita always works to avoid chemicals unless absolutely necessary and aims to save her clients money in the long run.

She is a graduate of The Rodent Academy and is also hands on in both the office, constantly communicating with her clients, and in the field doing pest control.  Rita is a certified pest control technician, licensed 7A,7F & 8.

Despite her access to pesticides, Rita follows Integrated Pest Management procedures in her own home when necessary to prevent pest infestations.  Read her story by clicking on the link below!


Contact: (212) 933-1834