Operating in a responsible and sustainable manner is integral to what embodies Black Widow Termite and Pest Control Corp. Black Widow views corporate responsibility as a form of self-discipline to mitigate risk and maximize opportunities in an ever-evolving world.


Black widow strives to reciprocate opportunity and compassion as much as possible to the various communities that have done the same for us. Whether it be donating to genuine, prominent organizations that strengthen local communities with a focus on preserving their environment, to making bountiful leaps in medical research and groups that focus on assisting other small minority businesses. All forms of community outreach are part of our mantra of giving back. Another way of paying it forward, is Black Widow’s belief in educating the client and the community on proper pest control techniques and preventive measures. It is our core belief that prevention far outweighs a temporary remedy to a problem.


Black Widow is dedicated to the sustainability of our planet, and consequentially protecting the environment and giving back to the world that we service. Black widow was built on the fundamental ideas of Integrated Pest Management and using eco-friendly certified techniques. Our founder, Rita Bonamo-Geiger was first introduced to the idea of green pest management, when she only used a series of natural oil-based soaps and a vacuum to permanently remove a major spider nest located next to her son’s bed. From that moment forward, Black Widow’s green treatments were born, and have been monumental in distinguishing our company apart from the rest.

Since then, we have enhanced our methods, using air friendly “HEPA” certified filters, researching and procuring the safest and most gentle cleaners, utilizing hot steam in removing and eliminating pests and acquiring the latest advancements in the industry to better serve our clients. This is part of our green shield certified treatments. One of new technologies is the remote rodent/wildlife monitoring system created by Dow AgroSciences, ActiveSense (ActivSense). In another step to protect the environment, we utilize paperless invoicing to reduce our carbon footprint and mobile dispatch system, so our techs never have to waste paper. Black Widow also takes advantage of the extensive metropolitan public transit system in New York city, effectively servicing all five boroughs without the need for company vehicles, which reduces our carbon footprints.


Regarding wildlife, Black Widow has a proven track history of conducting safe and humane methods of trapping and relocating. We saved a young red-tail hawk (click for link), helping to safely relocate it to a proper shelter that cared and rehabilitated it. Black widow has also rehabilitated birds and other animals that could not be taken to the vet upon rescuing (rescue link).

Rita, our CEO found her beloved cats while responding to an emergency service call . Instead of bringing them to a shelter that would typically euthanize the animals, Rita cared for the kittens for two weeks before bringing them to a more humane shelter that does not euthanize. However, after the duration of the two weeks, she had become rather fond of the kittens, and thus they are now part and parcel of the Black Widow family.


(employment/career opportunities)

Black Widow believes in investing in our employees, who are like family to us. Unlike most pest control competitors, Black Widow happily pays and procures multiple training courses for new and current employees. Black Widow also prides itself in hiring a diverse staff from the local communities we service, providing them expert training and building them up into a career roll. We also believe in investing in our employee’s health, and professional development. Black widow believes there is more to a technician than pest control intelligence, there is the need to foster strong emotional intelligence to properly service our clients and provide top service that Black Widow is proud of. Providing workshops for our employees is integral in expanding and growing our company for the future!

When Black Widow faces a problem, we do everything in our power to generate a solution for it. We will relentlessly exceed a client’s expectations. Whether that takes the form of imparting proactive advice regarding steps to take following a service or providing free services if needed in neighboring abandoned areas, such as vacant lots and parks that tend to be a chronic breeding ground for rodents affecting areas we service. We do this pro-bono because we view it as a responsibility to our clients to address the external issues that are connected to the individual internal issues. This allows us to truly provide top-notch service. When our attentive technicians enter a building, they are not there simply to treat, but to observe, report and correct conducive conditions that promote pests in a building.