Rita’s Story: An example of effective Integrated Pest Management in the home. . .

I place a great emphasis on cleaning and how most, if not all, smaller infestations can be solved simply by vacuuming with the right equipment (HEPA filter Pro-team vacuums), professional and affordable steam cleaning, sealing up cracks and crevices and using products containing essential oils such as Murphy’s oil soap.  In my experience, it is an incredibly effective solution which I recommend to my clients.  I’m a firm believer that nearly any infestation can be controlled with proper cleaning, and have believed this for years, which is why in 2008 I invested the time in getting select services Green Shield Certified.

I will continue to teach and emphasize these methods to my technicians, as well as my clients.  I believe in educating my clients, offering them multiple solutions to control their pest issues.

When my son was younger, he had a severe spider infestation in his bed.  Though I worked in the pest control industry and had easy access to pesticides, I wanted to avoid the use of chemicals so I chose to investigate the situation.  I found a large egg sack in the frame of my son’sclean3 bedroom window which was the source of the problem.  I took apart all of his bedding and thoroughly cleaned his bed frames, washed his bed sheets, disposed of the egg sack, and cleaned the windows with Murphy’s oil soap.  As soon as I removed the source and cleaned the area, the spiders were gone immediately!  Cleaning was the best solution to eliminate the pests without introducing harmful chemicals into the area in which my son slept.

As soon as I removed the source and cleaned the area, the spiders were gone immediately!