Black Widow Extra Services for Integrated Pest Management:

Sanitation Extras

1. Licensed plumbers, and experienced carpenters will be hired to pull out, move and clean behind appliances and cabinets.
2. Clear out and clean cabinets with products containing essential oils.
3. Clear garbage and clutter, and dispose of cardboard boxes.
4. Ziploc bags of all sizes for kitchen items in the case of roaches and for storing clothes and personal materials in the case of bed bugs or roaches.
5. Plastic storage boxes with lids for restaurants and residential supers’ basements for storage, eliminating cardboard boxes and decluttering the area.
6. Vacuum carpets, floors, moldings, cracks and crevices, furniture and stairs with a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air filter) filtered vacuum.
7. Steam-cleaning of appliances, and furniture (bed bugs).
8. Steam-cleaning cracks and crevices, furniture, and moldings.  We train our technicians to understand temperature gradients, and the effective use of heat on different materials (non-chemical treatment for bed bugs).
9. Drain cleaning: Bio-Gel from Pest West and steam cleaning/foaming of drains. 
10. Dumpster cleaning with Pest West DUMPSTERGUARD.  We will sell the product for management to apply themselves, or engage a dumpster cleaning service.
11. Professional compactor chute cleaning.
12. Bird exlcusions: disinfect landing and roosting areas, and safely remove bird waste.

Structural Repair Extras

1. Sealing:  pipe penetrations, including heating and plumbing risers, distribution piping, electrical conduits, and pipe chase access covers.
2. Screening off void spaces to prevent rodent entry into occupied spaces.  This involves framing out areas of concern, and attaching either stainless steel or galvanized hardware cloth.
3. Pea Gravel application:  product can be sold for self-application, or we can apply gravel in gardens, planters and building perimeters.  This is a proactive solution for rodents, and reduces moisture retention which can attract insects.
4. Outside garbage containment area design and construction.
5. Installing/repairing stainless steel, custom fit door sweeps, window and vent screens, chimney caps, gutters and downspouts.
6. Construction site rodent abatement.
7. Pre-construction consulting; Post-construction inspections.
8. Bird exclusion methods including netting, spikes, post & wire, and Shock Track.
9. Removing cabinets, sealing holes behind and replacing them.
10. Seal vinyl and wood moldings for bed bug exclusion.
11. Demolition of fittings, fixtures, moldings, and floor coverings (bed bugs).
12. Applying silicone sealant to cracks and crevices.


Management should arrange for appliances to be pulled out, to properly assess rodent issues in apartment units.  We also recommend all of our clients keep a HEPA filtered vacuum on site.  This should be used by the building staff for an emergency response to roach, or bedbug infestations.

We are available Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. for consultation, if residential or facilities management has any questions regarding sanitation or structural services.