Black Widow is dedicated to the sustainability of our planet, and consequentially protecting the environment and giving back to the world that we service. Black widow was built on the fundamental ideas of Integrated Pest Management and using eco-friendly certified techniques. Our founder, Rita Bonamo-Geiger was first introduced to the idea of green pest management, when she only used a series of natural oil-based soaps and a vacuum to permanently remove a major spider nest located next to her son’s bed. From that moment forward, Black Widow’s green treatments were born, and have been monumental in distinguishing our company apart from the rest.

Since then, we have enhanced our methods, using air friendly “HEPA” certified filters, researching and procuring the safest and most gentle cleaners, utilizing hot steam in removing and eliminating pests and acquiring the latest advancements in the industry to better serve our clients. This is part of our green shield certified treatments. One of new technologies is the remote rodent/wildlife monitoring system created by Dow AgroSciences, ActiveSense (ActivSense). In another step to protect the environment, we utilize paperless invoicing to reduce our carbon footprint and mobile dispatch system, so our techs never have to waste paper.