The following guidelines will help to prevent pests in your facility!

  • Keep all areas free of loose materials such as cardboard, rags, waste and   equipment.
  • Clean structures frequently with brooms and vacuum.  Pay particularly close attention to “out-of-the-way” places.
  • Clean both the interior and exterior of all equipment (electrical and mechanical) often.
  • Make sure that plumbing, both supply and drains are clean and in good repair to reduce humidity and moisture.  Eliminate all leaks and moisture!
  • Anything that gets wet should be dried right away.  This will reduce moisture.
  • Keep garbage areas clean and dry with garbage cans and covers in good condition.
  • All cardboard boxes should be removed immediately.  Cardboard boxes usually come from warehouses and factories, which can be infested with roaches.  Roaches love to harbor in cardboard. 
  • Post-Treatment: DO NOT CLEAN WITH BLEACH! Bleach will neutralize the pesticides.
  • Instead use products that contain essential oils like Green Works or Murphy’s Oil Soap.