While on a pest control assignment, we came across four kittens, living under a brick pile, abandoned by their mother.  They were taken to a local veterinarian for checkups, and are now a part of our family!

 four cats eating

Cat Care

 Kevin leaving the vet after receiving treatment for an eye injury. 



This pigeon had been found poisoned.  It took about six weeks to nurse him back to health.  One sunny morning he flew away!

poisoned bird   bird recovering   bird exercising

This Red-Tailed Hawk flew through an 11th floor residential building window. We responded immediately, and transported the injured bird to the Wild Bird Fund, a New York City based non-profit rehabilitation facility. IMG 4292

“Good news – Dr. Wood reports that the wounds have healed and she is not entirely blind in the right eye. She can see shadows and movement, limited vision but still some vision.  Due to her accident, she has a cataract and that may become worse.  But “Paul” is a very strong bird. I had a hard time holding her. She will be able to go to the Raptor Trust to have time in an outdoor cage..  They will assess her ability to hunt and prosper in the wild.

Did you ever hear of Pale Male, the famous red-tailed hawk who lives on Fifth Avenue?  One of his wives (I don’t know if it is his present one) was a female released from Raptor Trust who only had vision in one eye. Raptor Trust had doubts about releasing her, but she was such a strong and vibrant bird — like Paul –they took a chance. And lo and behold, she ended up with the most famous hawk in the world.

We will have to see how she does in the outdoor cage, but it is not looking bad. Thank you for saving our lovely lady.”